Rhododendron State Park Trail to Little Mt. Monadnock

1.26 miles

Fitzwilliam, NH; Troy, NH

700 ft. / 0 ft.

Little Monadnock Summit Ridge
Little Monadnock Summit Ridge

Access Trail from Rhododendron State Park Parking Lot

CAUTION: This Trail is currently poorly maintained. It is overgrown in spots and there are gaps in the orange plastic blazes. The upper section of the trail is rough and steep and involves climbs over steep sections with loose rocks.  We would advise climbing Little Monadnock from the Widow Gage Forest Parking Lot. Although slightly longer that climb is generally at an easier grade with only a few difficult ascents.  (This hike is described under "FIND HIKES")

The top of Little Monadnock and the NHMM Trail may be reached from Rhododendron State Park. It is a hike of about 1.2 miles from the Park entrance and a climb of 700 feet in elevation.

To reach top of Little Monadnock and the NHMM Trail, enter the Park between the two stone pillars at the edge of the parking lot. Go straight ahead on a well graded trail for about two tenths of a mile to a trail junction with a sign indicating the trail to Little Monadnock. Bear right at this sign and follow the orange plastic blazes on the trees. There are also occasional long white blazes that also indicate the trail. The Trail shortly begins to climb through old fields now overgrown with forest. About two thirds of the way, the trail climbs over a steep rocky ledge and then crosses a seasonal stream. Beyone the stream the trail becomes much steeper with a climb over some loose rocks and rock ledges. When you reach the intersection with the Metacomet Monadnock Trail (white blazes) be sure to note the point where you should pick up the trail for your return. NH MM Trail Sections 4 and 5 end and begin at this junction point.

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The current itinerary is highlighted in pink in the map below.