NH M-M Trail: Section 5: (Summit Ridge of Little Monadnock to the Troy NH Common)

3.20 miles

Fitzwilliam, NH; Troy, NH

+190 ft. / -1089 ft.

The GPS Crew at Work in Troy
The GPS Crew at Work in Troy
Monadnock and Gap Mt. from Little Monadnock
Monadnock and Gap Mt. from Little Monadnock

This section can be accessed from the Rhododendron State Park parking lot. From the parking lot it is a 1.2 mile climb to the Trail. This section is generally downhill from the summit ridge of Little Monadnock to the Town of Troy. The first half follows rocky ledges in mixed forest to a junction with a woods road. The Trail then follows that road to connect with paved roads leading to the center of Troy.

Directions: This section begins on the open ledges at the northeastern end of the summit ridge of Little Monadnock. Here the M-M Trail goes straight ahead from the junction with the trail from Rhododendron State Park. The trail follows the backbone of the ridge with good views opening to the north and northwest. Watch for white blazes on the rock. At 0.2 (8.1) miles slide down over a nearly vertical, small rock face and continue through brushy growth to a cleared swath under a power line crossing at 0.4 (8.3) miles. Take care in crossing the power line as ATV vehicles have created several cross trails in this section. Cross under the power line bearing to the right and re-enter the woods. Ascend slightly then continue down the ridge with occasional open ledges to finally cross a stone wall into a heavily wooded area at 0.8 (9) miles. The trail proceeds downward through a fine pine grove, crosses a stone wall, turns left, and joins an old washed out woods road at 1.3 (9.2) miles. Turn right and downhill on this road and, avoiding all side roads, go straight along to a house on the right. (There is space here where one or two cars may be parked without blocking the road.) Continue shortly to a farmyard with a house on the left and the beginning of a paved town road (Prospect Street) at 2.2 (10.1) miles.Proceed downhill on this road. At 2.9 (10.8) miles turn right at Russell Street to cross an abandoned railroad right of way by the corner of an old depot, and then immediately left up a street to the corner near the Village Common, Troy, NH at 3.0 (10.9) miles.

(An alternate way is to go straight ahead across the old railroad right of way to NH 12 where the bridge crosses a pond outlet on the right).

There is a Thai restaurant on the Trail (opposite the south end of the Common). There is currently no grocery store in Troy but there is a convenience store about a quarter mile north of the Common on Rt. 12. There are no overnight accommodations near the Troy Common but The Inn at East Hill Farm (www.east-hill-farm.com) is located 2 miles away on Monadnock Street. A call to them will provide transportation to and from the Common. There are also accommodations in Fitzwilliam (4 miles south of Troy), including the Fitzwilliam Inn (www.fitzwilliaminn.com), Ashburn House (www.ashburnhouse.net), and the Hannah Davis House (check the internet for phone numbers and services including possible rides to or from the trail heads in the area).

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The current itinerary is highlighted in pink in the map below.