NH M-M Trail: Section 02 (Greenwoods Road to Dean Farm Road)

3.49 miles

Richmond, NH

+581 ft. / -311 ft.

Pouting Pig Rock (.5 Miles North of Greenwoods Rd.)
Pouting Pig Rock (.5 Miles North of Greenwoods Rd.)
Trail North of Greenwoods Rd.
Trail North of Greenwoods Rd.

The first mile of this section takes you through mixed woodland on a trail that generally ascends out of the Falls Brook valley. The Trail then follows a series of abandoned and maintained roads ending to the north of NH Route 119.

Directions: Crossing Greenwoods Rd. take a woods road that bears left around an old gravel pit and then slightly to the right. At a fork in the road at .1 (.7) miles take the left fork going uphill. At .2 (.8) miles the trail turns left off the road to slab a hillside then up a rise bearing to the right and then steeply downhill. Continue up and down but generally uphill through open forest to a gully at .4 (1) miles. Bear right to slab down the gully and up the other side then right through open forest then continuing generally climbing through mixed forest and across occasional cut-over area slabbing and following ridges. At 1.0 (1.6) miles bear to the right to cross a swampy stream then joining a woods road at 1.1 (1.7) miles.

The trail turns right (NE) on this road. This road (know locally as The Devil's Staircase) is heavily used by off-road vehicles with the resultant muddy destruction of the road surface in places and the creation of truck wallows. It may be necessary at times to hike through the woods bordering the road. The trail continues ascending this road with a stonewall paralleling on the right. (a rerouting of the trail is planned that will bypass this road) Reach the top of the hill at 1.4 (2.0) miles with stone walled lanes and a cellar hole to mark an old homestead. Continue on the road past a side road (Monument Road) on the right, which comes up from Greenwoods Road. The road the trail follows bears left, generally downhill to 2.2 (2.8) miles where the maintained portion of the road (Monument Road) begins.  At 3.1 (3.7) miles, the road enters  and crosses NH 119.

From NH 119 go left (W) on the north side of NH 119 to Old County Rd., a maintained gravel road at 3.4 (4.0) miles. Turn sharply right onto this road and follow it for 300 yards gradually uphill, to the junction at 3.6 (4.2) miles with Dean Farm Rd., an unmaintained old town road that comes in from the left at an old foundation. The trail at this point leaves the maintained Old County Rd. There is space here for parking several cars but do not block either road.
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The current itinerary is highlighted in pink in the map below.